SWEETY LINE – Refill 100g. – Hands washing powder with Probiotics


SWEETY LINE Hands washing powder with Probiotics – REFILL 100g


SWEETY LINE – Hands washing powder with probiotics – Refill 100g.

  • 100 gram refill with 100% active products.
  • 100% recyclable and 100% compostable refill pocket and label. Find out more.
  • Anti-waste, zero waste solution; Economical and ecological.
  • Eco-responsible purchasing.


Is your sprinkler empty? do not throw it away. It can still be used.

SWEETY LINE Hands washing powder Refill with probiotics.

SWEETY LINE Hands washing powder is made from white clay. 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

In contact with water; SWEETY LINE Hands Washing Powder turns into a light, creamy lather and the probiotics are activated.

Probiotics will take care of the hands.

Learn more about the effects of Probiotics in SWEETY LINE Washing Powders.

Some advantages:

  • Refill prolongs the life of the sprinklers. Anti-waste and zero waste solution,
  • 100% of the ingredients are natural,
  • Vegan product,
  • 100% concentrated active material, usable down to the last gram,
  • Take care of the hands, without controversial substance,
  • Practical, light and compact format,
  • With active probiotics, for effective natural protection against bad bacteria,
  • Excellent qualitative grades, suitable for the whole family,
  • For all skin types, even sensitive or atopic skin.

Find all the advantages of SWEETY LINE washing powders.

Manual :

  • Wet hands,
  • Sprinkle a few grams in the palm of the hand,
  • Emulsify in the hands,
  • Rub and rinse.

Find the complete presentation of the SWEETY LINE hands washing powder – 100% Natural – with probiotics.

Further information :

Product weight: 100g

Package weight: 120g

EAN: 5430000970686

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