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SWEETY LINE – Shower washing powder for the shower “Detox protection” – 100% Natural – Enriched with active probiotics – 50g.

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SWEETY LINE – 100% natural washing powders enriched with active probiotics. Shower washing powder. Body care and regeneration of the skin microbiota. White clay is made up of a multitude of layers, much like a mille-feuille. We have inserted dormant PROBIOTICS between these different layers. On contact with water, the washing powder turns into a light and creamy foam. The probiotics will activate and they will take up all the space on the hands. The clay-based washing powder will carry out a deep cleaning by eliminating the chemical substances present, carry out a moisturizing and nourishing treatment, and the probiotics will take care of the microbiota of the skin. By taking up all the space on the skin, probiotics does not leave room for bad bacteria, and thus ensures your natural biological protection, and the maintenance of the good bacteriological balance. SWEETY LINE works unlike disinfectants which do not differentiate between good and bad bacteria. SWEETY LINE is suitable for all skin types and colors for all family members. SWEETY LINE will regulate the skin microbiota progressively. Oily skin will be less oily and dry skin will be less dry. Moisturizers, creams, oils, balms etc. are not necessary. Dermatologically tested. What you will find in SWEETY LINE: natural ingredients only – eco-responsible – Vegan – biodegradable – usable in nature. What you won’t find in SWEETY LINE: we don’t like sulfates, parabens, silicone, palm oil, additives, preservatives and all unnatural products, because we don’t think they have nothing to do in daily care and hygiene products such as soaps. Guaranteed without endocrine disruptors. Join the community of customers already won over by the eco-responsible technology of SWEETY LINE – 100% natural washing powders – and share your new experience on social media #sweetyline. Do you want to test the whole range? Order the DISCOVERY PACK! – Shampoo / shower / hands.

Strengths points:

Philosophy oriented towards nature and naturalness: Buying SWEETY LINE means supporting direct and indirect development towards approaches clearly focused on respect for our environment and well-being, in harmony with nature. Fearsome natural protection: SWEETY LINE plays the role of a powerful biological shield by reinforcing the natural defenses of the hands. The probiotics maintain the right bacteriological balance by protecting the good bacteria and destroying the bad bacteria. Ratings: SWEETY LINE is honored with excellent ratings and comments from qualitative market rating applications. Format: Practical, light and compact. You can take iteverywhere. Not subject to legislation on liquid products at airports. SWEETY LINE 50g. equivalent to 350ml of product in liquid form. Lighter => less trucks => less pollution. No loss of products: SWEETY LINE can be used 100%, without loss of products remaining in the packaging 100% recyclable and refillable. All in 1: No need to use moisturizers, oils, balms etc. Immediate result: Your skin is softer and it is protected from external aggressions. With SWEETY LINE, there is no need to use other products (moisturizers, oils, balms, etc.). Suitable for all skin types. Normal skins, sensitive skins, atopic skins, dry skins, greasyskins, damaged skins. SWEETY LINE is suitable for the whole family. For children and adults. For a FULLY HEALTH microbiota.

Manual : SWEETY LINE is used in the shower. Wet the skin, Sprinkle a few grams in the palm of your hand, Emulsify, Apply on the skin (either directly with the hand, or with a washcloth or sponge), Rub and rinse.

Security warning: Do not swallow, do not inhale

Product dimensions: Height 112mm Product width: 42mm Product length: 42mm

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Weight 50 g

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