SWEETY LINE – Shower washing powder with Probiotics – TRIO PACK – 3x50g.


SWEETY LINE – Shower washing powder with Probiotics- 100% Natural – PACK TRIO 3x50g.

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SWEETY LINE – Shower washing powder with probiotics – TRIO PACK – 3x50g.

  • Concentrated universal shower gel, 100% natural, with 100% active product.

  • Refillable 50 gram sprinkler.

  • White clay powder, with active probiotics.


SWEETY LINE Shower washing powder for the body with probiotics.

SWEETY LINE Shower washing powder is made from white clay. 100% of the ingredients are natural.

Upon contact with water, the Shower Washing Powder turns into a light and creamy foam and the probiotics will activate.

Probiotics will take care of the skin.

Learn more about the benefits of probiotics in SWEETY LINE washing powders.

Some advantages:

  • 100% of the ingredients are natural,
  • Vegan product,
  • 100% concentrated active material, usable down to the last gram,
  • Take care of the skin, without controversial substances,
  • Practical, light and compact format,
  • Not subject to airport regulations regarding liquids,
  • With active probiotics, for effective natural protection against bad bacteria,
  • Excellent qualitative grades, suitable for all family members,
  • For all skin types, even sensitive or atopic,
  • Refillable sprinkler – See our 100g Refills.

Find all the advantages of SWEETY LINE washing powders.

Manual : 

  • SWEETY LINE is used in the shower.
  • Wet the skin, Sprinkle a few grams in the palm of your hand,
  • Emulsify,
  • Apply on the skin (either directly with the hand, or with a washcloth or sponge),
  • Rub and rinse.

Find the complete presentation of the Shower washing powder with probiotics SWEETY LINE – 100% natural.

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Security warning: 

Do not swallow, do not inhale

Product dimensions: 

  • Height 112mm
  • Product width: 42mm
  • Product length: 42mm

Weight :

Net weight : 3x50g
UVC weight : 3x70g

Additional information

Weight 150 g

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